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Blues Walking China

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


The Roots House Band and Miss Moss the owner of Roots House.

We just came back from China, had a wonderful time. Yes, the cake was as sweet as the people at Roots House in Shenzhen. I must say that they surprised me with this!


Even though no one in the band received any payment for the shows we did, the band did a wonderful job each night for the Roots House grand opening! Moss the owner was a fantastic host!

The Soundmen always tell me not to eat the microphone, but in this case, I couldn't help it!

Oh, so delicious!


Neil The Rock, an extraordinary blues guitarist though his passion is to play funk. We have plans in the future to make a funk blues band. We believe there’s some market for this in Shenzhen, simply because there’s nothing like that there. You mostly hear the typical cover bands. Although they are often extremely talented, it becomes very generic to hear the same songs played all through Asia.

Nicholas Miller, AKA Nick The Trick.

Nick is from Detroit but lives in L.A. a very solid drummer, and you can hear his Motown and Gospel roots in his playing. We were lucky to find him at the last minute. We hung out almost every day together.

Sammy, A good bassist. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Sammy except that he’s from Australia and loves the funk.


There would seem no end to talented musicians in Shenzhen.

Like this very talented keyboard and bassist Maarten Rischen from Holland.

Maarten Invited me to something I have never experienced before! Something called Headphone Concert. Like the name everyone in the audience weres high-quality headphones Including the band of course. All the musicians played and sing with the highest of standard, and the sound was Incredible!

Adrain is a singer and drummer from Virginia. One of the most soulful guys you could ever meet.

Another talented drummer Marco.


I'm looking forward to playing with Niel The Rock and the boys soon and met all my friends in Shenzhen again soon!

Derrick Big Walker 10/6/2019

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