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Derrick Roy Walker

formerly with the

Michael Bloomfield Band,

Luther Tucker Band...

Backing artists such as;

Lowell Fulson,

Albert Collins 

Percy Mayfield,

Big Mama Thornton, 

Jimmy Mc Cracklin,

Jimmy Dawkins,

Sugar Pie De Santos...

He plays saxophone,

the electronic wind

instrument, harmonica. Fusing the past to music of the present into the future.

Below you can listen to some of the recent music we have been producing, Blues, Trance, Deep House and Rock music for film production TV and live. Don't you worry I'm still playing the good old blues! Go to the link to hear more songs from my latest blues album Root Walking

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 We are living in challenging times for musicians,

for everyone that depend on having a live audience.


 It could be years before things are back to normal if ever.


We are still making music because that is what we love to do. 


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Every little bit helps.


Thank you

Derrick Big Walker

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Derrick Walker Chinese Connection-52_Fot

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Our most recent music with visualizers. This music is part of a project to create, explore and possibly innovate modern music styles, Deep House, Hip Hop... Electronic Dance Music in general as a means of progressive improvisation and sill be interesting to a wider public.    

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